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    "Jake has been instrumental in helping us strategise and implement automation into our business, and integrate various key apps. Jake makes a point to understand the big picture of our business, but also has such a deep knowledge of so many aspects of our strategy and back end. He makes suggestions that save us time and money, is quick to troubleshoot and has been an invaluable part of our team."
    Valerie Khoo, Founder
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    Jake has guided and assisted my organisation, Guardian Strata, to transform itself during the last 12 months. I'ts truly remarkable what we have achieved, in partnership, during this time. They richly deserve the recent accolades in terms of being the fastest growing partner in the Infusionsoft ecosystem. This would not have been possible unless they have continued to deliver transformational solutions to their clients as they have done with us. It is with the highest confidence I urge you to consider Jake for your next transformational project.
    Ossie Pisanu, Owner
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    I was using Infusionsoft as a glorified e-mail newsletter sending system for over a year, and certainly not using it to its fullest capability. We have been working together on automating much of my business and developing a totally new membership product, all are using Infusionsoft and integrating it into my current website. It’s taken my business to a whole new level and is now providing me with a regular monthly income that’s growing every day. In just a short time I’m now working less and making more. I can’t thank them enough. Their enthusiasm, knowledge and support has been infectious.
    David Heatley, Owner
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    I have gone from being scared of Infusionsoft and knowing it as “Confusionsoft”. My goal of having a successful business that runs itself is finally coming to life thanks to you.
    Joyce Ong, Owner