Awkward Greetings
Can we work together? Can you not stand half BBC-English accents with a not-always-charming Antipodean lilt? On a short initial call I’ll ask you about your business, budget, deadline and the problem you need copy, SEO or LeadGen to solve (and copywriter-accent-proclivities).

If you’re not ready to sit at the table just yet, we start with a gentle introduction.

Discovery Meeting
If I’m 100% confident we can give you a satisfactory ROI, we’ll set up a time to chat in depth about your project and discuss the scope of what needs doing. Whether it’s a single sales page, SEO or a full-blown lead generation bonanza, this part of the process stays the same.

Mapping Session
Sometimes you need help figuring out what content you need or the message you should be sending. If you do, we’ll schedule a (paid) Mapping Session to full flesh out what your project requires, leading to an understanding of your audience, obstacles and opportunities. It’s kind of like a SWOT.

What you get: Confidence that we’re the right team for the job.

Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Peformance

Once I’ve got all the details and a clear sense of project scope, I give you a firm quote and a statement of work you can sign.

Approved? Awesome!

I’ll send you a contract, work out your payment milestones based on the work being done, an invoice for a deposit, and schedule you in for our earliest availability.

I might also ask for…

  • Any existing customer research
  • Your brand guidelines, if you have them
  • Contacts for 3rd parties (designers, devs, anyone else who can be helpful)
  • Access to analytics, heatmapping data, existing systems

What you get: A firm quote and a scheduled start date!


Research, research, research.
This is the most important part of the process. Without this part, any copywriter or marketer is just holding a finger to the breeze and guessing which way the wind is blowing. I’ll work with you to design, execute and analyse a customer research program.

We organise the research into a blueprint for highly persuasive copy, systematically addressing what we learned interviewing your customers and answering questions before they’re even asked. If you have one, we’ll even work with your designer to create a conversion-driven wireframe.

First Draft
Fully powered, I write your first draft. Your next milestone is due at this point, and when it’s paid, you get your copy.

What you get: A startlingly good first draft full of comments and questions.


You review what we’ve sent and give us your no-punches-pulled feedback. I’ll talk through the draft with you answering any questions you have, then get to work making revisions. It rarely takes more than one round.

What you get: A publishable piece of content without any creative-diva attitude (because we’re not creatives, we’re businesspeople..


It’s too late to back out now! Your content is unleashed upon the world. Sales rain from the sky, you’re interviewed on every TV show and people are literally beating down your door for more*.

*What is it they say in those awful weightloss pill ads? “Results not typical”.

What you get: Leads, sales, happy customers and an even happier copywriter.

Split Testing

After a week sipping Mojitos on your new super yacht*, it’s right back to work. For website copy, ad campaigns and landing pages, we draft variants for split testing that iterate and improve your controls (a control is your best performing ad copy that you use to benchmark the effectiveness of future ads, by the way. Some control ads have run unbeaten for over a century.).

What you get: Variants for testing and a bright, bright future.

What’re you waiting for?

Start the conversation now!