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What I'm Doing Now

This is a 'now' page. If you have your own site, you should have one too

Home Life

After a tumultuous few years, I'm settling. I moved in with the love of my life and started working on all the things that come along with that.

I have three dogs now - I inherited a Vizsla in the move. I live in a two bedroom cottage in Warrnambool (SW Victoria, Australia) and as well as Monique, have a housemate called Erin, another Doctor.

Erin not pictured.


Currently working at home again because of #covidlife, I'm writing more than I have in years, I'm back in my old role of COO at Benelds, and still consulting independently.

I'm deep in the throes of a Salesforce certification which heralds a big change at Benelds.


This year I'm starting my Juris Doctor post-grad. Aside from (b)logging, I'm also close to completing the book on Digital Efficiency I started way back in 2017. I'm going to finish the children's book I've been working on for even longer (I am I am I am) and then... well, that should be enough for 2020, right? Edit May: Also have started work on a crime thriller. Because I don't already have enough to do.

✅ Run Half Marathon
⬜ Run Full Marathon
⬜ Submit Manuscript for "Digital Transformation"
⬜ (b)log once per week
⬜ Start JD
⬜ Complete Salesforce Certification
⬜ 1000 words per day of The One About Poo, and The One About Police Corruption.