Why I stopped recommending Infusionsoft (Do NOT buy Infusionsoft/Keap Max Classic)

Do NOT buy Infusionsoft


For years I sold Infusionsoft (now "Keap Max Classic") and helped over 1000 small businesses around the world implement it.

Now I spend my time helping people migrate away from this platform that once was mighty, but hasn't developed or progressed at all in the past 5 years, and is beget by bugs and serious email deliverability issues.

Customer Experience

Buying Infusionsoft

When you buy Infusionsoft (Keap Max Classic), you either go direct, or via a partner. If you go direct, the sales team will tell you anything to close the sale. Literally anything. They have just about zero integrity.

Going through a partner is a very different experience. Down that route you're working closely with someone whose business relies on you having a good time. I strongly recommend if you do buy Infusionsoft, do it through a partner.

Cancelling Infusionsoft

Their cancellation process is shameful. Unlike almost every software out there, you can't just log in and click a "cancel" button. You have to request it, and they then refer you to a team of people dedicated to stopping you from cancelling. Mirroring the sales process, these people will tell you anything you need to hear in order for you to not cancel.

All the while they will not stop taking payments off you, and this process can take weeks. If you cross over a billing date, even though you requested to cancel before this date, they will charge you again. And they won't give that money back.

It's literally the worst possible cancellation experience.
Have you had a worse experience? I'd love to hear about it!x

User Experience

Pace of Development

5 years ago Infusionsoft (now Keap Max Classic) was best in class. It was truly brilliant. Today, it hasn't changed at all. Which means it's no longer even close to best in class.

The sales pipeline tool (opportunities) was outdated 5 years ago, and today it hasn't changed a bit. So now it's really outdated.

Email Deliverability

At the time of writing Infusionsoft's tracking link domain infusion-links.com has been blacklisted by spamhaus again. And it has stayed blacklisted for, at the time of writing, 15 days. Over the past few weeks any emails sent to gmail.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.com or apple domains (i.e. @me) have not been delivered at all. That's pretty much all B2C email addresses.

The email deliverability, which they claim to be excellent, is one of the worst. And the fact that Infusionsoft is primarily an email platform makes this a deal breaker all by itself.

The True Cost

Because Infusionsoft has so many issues, you need a lot of stuff to make it work properly. The form builder is terrible, so you need an alternative. The landing  page builder barely works and has constant issues, so you need an alternative. You need a plugin to improve email deliverability. The list goes on, and the costs rack up.

Check out this post by Wes Schaeffer on the true cost of Infusionsoft - in reality it'll cost somewhere between $1200 and $3000 a month. Compare this to the most expensive Hubspot license, about $1950 AUD, and Infusionsoft is actually much more expensive than their competition.


Please, please, do NOT buy Infusionsoft (Keap Max Classic). It'll be a process of frustration and wasted money.

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