Marketing Tactics I’m Proud Of #1

I began this with the intention of it being a mega post, but I started procrastinating on it not being good enough, and it languised in the inbox rather than the outbox. So instead I'm going to publish these tactics one by one.

Marketing Tactic #1

Hyper Segmentation

A few years ago I was working with a fitness coach. Fitness is in the running for the most competitive possible markets in terms of SEO. It's a very very challenging process to get ahead in digital marketing for fitness businesses. And the cost per click of paid ads is excruciating.

So being the smarty pants I am, I came up with a dirty cheaty way to get around this.

At the time you could only push ad campaigns on facebook to custom audiences of 100 or more. Unless you created those audiences with the API, that is.

We were able to take advantage of this before Facebook slammed the door shut and create an ad campaign targeted at just seven people - who just happened to be the editors of the most widely read magazines in this client's niche.

We hounded them. We retargeted them hard, and everywhere they went online, they saw our ads.

One of the editors in a conversation with our client remarked that "You were everywhere online, so I figured I really should call you." Our client landed features in 5 of the 7 magazines, something that no amount of money could have bought.

The total cost: $120

This was one tactic in a larger strategy that saw him shift his entire business to an online only offering that completely transformed his life. It's hard to quantify exactly how much this was worth, but the authority it gave him was enormous.

Without the larger strategy this would have been a neat idea wasted - but as part of a larger strategy it was phenomenal. Strategy > Tactics.

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