Running my own agency and subsequently freelancing gave me amazing opportunities to do extremely varied work and develop a much larger than normal skillset and breadth of experience.

In the past 8+ years I’ve worked with companies large and small, from solo mortgage brokers to lululemon.

I’ve worked on marketing campaigns with a total budget of three figures, and campaigns with a weekly budget of 7 figures.

I’ve had enormous successes for $120, and failed to move the needle with an essentially limitless budget.

From 2015-2017 I was one of just 7 selected from 1200 partners to advise on product development and partner marketing at Infusionsoft. Meeting four times a year in Phoenix, we helped determine not just feature roadmaps, but also pricing and product market fit.

I’ve implemented Salesforce, Pardot, Infusionsoft, Autopilot and Hubspot into hundreds of businesses.

I spear-headed a data-driven marketing and product overhaul that resulted in pandemic-era revenue exceeding $4.5M in online sales.

I developed customer stories and a marketing strategy that led to the most rapidly funded equity crowd-funding campaign (through Equitise) ever, reaching 800% of its target and closing out 25 days early.

I developed and delivered a two day course on email marketing for three years.


“Consultant” is a dirty word, so I went with freelancer.

Marketing Manager


Plastiq was a venture-backed fintech startup that sadly did not survive the early days of the pandemic.



In 2013 I started an agency that grew into being one of the world’s foremost group of specialists in small business marketing automation.