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Hi, my name’s Jake. I’m an independent Digital Transformation consultant. I help small to medium businesses with everything digital: from analysis and strategy through to implementations of marketing campaigns, web presence overhauls, and systemising operations with CRM and Automation implementation.

Lead & Demand Generation

Conversion Optimisation



WordPress Development, Marketing Automation

CRM & Automation, API & Integrations, Remote Working


Working With Me

I run an indie consulting practice helping small to medium sized businesses define and build digital capabilities.

I’ve been in digital marketing and automation for over almost 10 years, working with everything from established strata management companies to fin-tech startups, advising on SEO, SEM, paid marketing, email marketing, marketing automation and systemising business processes using automation software.

Some Past Projects

As an independent consultant the work I do is as varied as the clients, and always tailored to their needs. Here’s some past projects to help you get a feel for the kind of work I do:

  • I’ve worked with financial companies such as Aged Care Gurus, TS Audits and Smarter SMSF on audience development, SEO, membership sites and paid marketing. Oh, and automation.
  • I’ve worked with media businesses such as CyclingInform and 4xOverland as an advisor in creating unique websites where the site is more than just an advertisement: it’s the product.
  • I’ve worked on email marketing with I Quit Sugar and Plastiq.it.
    I’ve hosting training, via workshop or online, for over 1000 Infusionsoft-using-businesses.
  • Because of my deep knowledge of automation, I’ve also worked with software providers Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign advising them on partner development, small business automation strategy and training content.

There are a few ways to work with me:


Guided workshops with your whole team. These sessions – typically a day or two – are incredibly valuable, and something you should consider doing before embarking on any major project. Bring everything to the table, challenge assumptions, find sticking points, build and align the team.


The next step is to get as close to your team and your business as possible. This means being in your office, interacting with you like (shock!) a real life human. Unless you’re a remote team, which is great: I have a ton of experience building fully remote teams. At this point most work is project-based where your needs and defined, problems identified and progress is swift and effective. This ongoing work revolves around the core principles of helping clients build efficiency, simple to use processes and expand their new capabilities – whether that’s in content marketing, SEO, SEM, paid marketing or automation.

Covid-edit: As much as I love working in the same room as my clients, that’s not really possible at the moment. Fortunately I’ve been working remotely since 2013, since wayyy before it was cool.

Long Term

Once we’re done with the embedded phase, the stewardship1 kicks in: taking care of you in the long term. One thing my clients always remark on is my unusual willingness to get my hands dirty with implementation, and if you need ongoing implementation, you’ll get it.

Get in touch

jake@jakelunniss.com / 0456 618 706

Skills List

I’m a firm believer in a large range of skills. AKA, “why generalists triumph in a specialised world”.

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Paid Ads (Facebook & LinkedIn)
  • Marketing Automation (Infusionsoft & ActiveCampaign)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Team Building
  • Project Management
  • Brand Activation
  • eCommerce
  • P&L Management
  • WordPress
  • PHP, CSS & JS
  • API & Integration

  1. I learned the use of the word “Stewardship” from Tom Critchlow, which he cribbed from Helsinki Design Lab. Thanks, Tom! ↩︎ ↩︎