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Thinking of buying Infusionsoft? Confused about choosing between woocommerce and shopify? Don’t know how to build that automated course you’ve been dreaming of?

Save Yourself Thousands in Mistakes, Lost Time and Rework.

Ask me first!​

On Demand Sessions the Suit You

Pick a time for a consultation session in your timezone that suits your schedule, not mine.

Impartial Unique Advice

I charge for these sessions because I NEVER TAKE COMISSIONS FROM SOFTWARE PROVIDERS so you can be sure you're getting honest, impartial advice unique to your business.

Jake Lunniss | AMF

Hosted by Jake Lunniss

10 years experience working with 1000 small businesses means you get to tap into a wealth of experience for a fraction of a consulting arrangement.

in this private one-on-One session with small-Business-Tech-Expert Jake Lunniss you'll finally answer...

+ and you’ll also get exclusive access to my best-practices implementation guidelines, implementation templates and process documentation templates saving you even more compared to consulting.

And for just $300 you can avoid months of heartache, expense, lost revenue, rework and multiple consultants churning through your budget by getting the impartial advice you need. Sound good?

Working alongside Jake with a mutual client has been an absolute delight. He is the master of streamlining automated systems to make work more simple for the users. His expert knowledge across so many different platforms sets him apart from the rest. And he's a bloody nice guy to boot! Highly recommend.​

Kerry Anne Nelson


Well, they do them for “free”. And sometimes the most expensive type of advice is free advice.

Usually they’re hoping to close a high-cost consulting arrangement off the “free” session so they’ll tell you anything to get the sale (which is the major reason your budget will get gobbled up in mistakes and rework), or they’re getting commissions from software companies to recommend their products. Which means they’re recomending something the suits them, not you!

By charging for these sessions I’ve been able to cancel all my partnerships that were paying quite lucrative commissions, and now I’m able to offer completely impartial advice, not misguided through brand loyalty or financial incentives.

It sounds like bullshit, but honestly, it’d be quicker to list the ones I’m not familiar with.

Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Ontraport, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, Zoho, Active Campaign… WordPress & WooCommerce, hundreds of plugins… DNS & Email Deliverability… 3rd party integrations and IAAS like Workato and Zapier… Amazon Web Services… Hosting… Learndash LMS, Memberium, iMember360… It’s a long list!

Usually about 90 minutes, but they go as long as they go. There’s no time limit. Remember, this is about you and your schedule, not mine.

Once you book in we’ll arrange a time, I’ll send a pre-session questionnaire and we’ll schedule a zoom call. The call can be recorded at your request.

After the session you receive a full writeup and plan of attack, as well as exclusive access to my best-practices implementation guidelines, implementation templates and process documentation templates saving you even more compared to consulting.

Of course I do. I sell ready-made Infusionsoft campaigns, web hosting and long-term consulting.

I NEVER sell on these sessions. They’re about you and your business. Not mine!

We don’t talk about these on the call at all, apart from web hosting, which always comes up. In fact, the only reason I offer hosting now is so many people were struggling to find a reliable hosting service for a reasonable price.

The first step is to pay for your booking. Then we’ll go through the pre-session questionnaire, arrange a time, and schedule a zoom call.